Saturday, May 27, 2006


Damien Richardson, a regularly eloquent man, said he wanted to keep his integrity but sounded more Father Jack than Oscar Wilde, as he shared the secrets of the tenuous relationship between himself and his arse. He went so far as to reveal that he would not be bothering his arse, and furthermore, he suggested that he was also the victim of a pain in his arse. This is not good news for Cork City supporters.

Rico gripped the tin opener firmly in his hand, 'though he may well wish in the not too distant future that he had inserted it into his mouth, and proceeded to open a catering can of worms, neanderthals, jurassics, subterfuge and cronyism. If he decides to write it all down it will leave those Jackie Collins bodice rippers in the shade; he might have the time on his hands now.

During an interview with Red FM, the City boss let loose in a manner not usually associated with him; but I recall now how my cheeks flushed as he gave instructions to Eamon Collins when the Shels' lieutenant was sent to the stands during a Setanta Cup clash earlier this season. He has acknowledged that people may associate his outburst with unripened vine fruit following their dismissal from a 3rd knockout competition in a thus far uninspiring season.

Longford may not have played Dermot Keely's 'beautiful game', but they did what they had to do to win a one off cup tie. They've proven over recent seasons that it is their forte. With Cobh falling on their swords in Dundalk it's been a weekendis horibilis for the Rebel County, but cheer up boys, there's still the League!

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