Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Recently, news emanated from the bunker in Merrion Square that the God fearing folk therein - who sleep in Premiership kit and run the game in this country (this oft used writer's tool is commonly known as a 'cheap shot') - were to invite applications from interested clubs to become the 22nd member of next term's League competitions.

This sort of thing revitalises the game for fans as we endlessly speculate about who it might be, where the new member club will come from, have they a financial backer etc. Our voices become girlishly high pitched as we giggle excitedly in panting anticipation.

Well, the wait is over! Walkthechalk.com in association with Sniffer's Blog Inc. can exclusively reveal the name of the new club. 'And here to open the envelope is the ever eloquent Mr. Damian Richardson- and might I say, Damian, you look radiant in that lovely new guna, why I've an urge to ride you rock solid.'

Alright, back to business, the new club are AS Terisk. They are a small outfit, with a tiny fan base; though they seem to have an unreasonably powerful influence at the highest level of the game in this country. It has been suggested in envious circles that Oily Byrne is a big fan of the club; this is as yet, unfounded, speculation. Sometimes a club is not successful per se, but they can often continue to have an important input into the success or lack of same of other clubs - AS Terisk are representative of such situations.

Historically, their fleeting intervention in 2003 managed to deprive St Pats of 15 points which would have secured a league title for the Inchicore club. Last season, they managed to snatch 8 points from Shamrock Rovers; the loss of which ultimately sent Rugairi na Seamroige down to the First Division.

AS Terisk came back to haunt the Hoops again this season, incredibly leaving Tolka Park with 3 points, which may yet be the difference between Pat Scully's young soldiers winning the league, or not. Even the mighty Bohemians have fallen prey to the minnows; they also saw three points wrested from their grasp this season. Evidently, this club do not fear anyone, and will strike callously wherever opportunity presents.

But doubts linger; regardless of points lost by other clubs, AS Terisk regularly find themselves at the bottom of the table; almost consigned to the role of footnote, afterthought even. Is there really a place for them at the top table, are they worthy of such an honour? The FAI seem to think so, and they are rarely guilty of poor judgement.

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