Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Worry ye not, the status quo has been restored. Sulking soccer manager Damien Richardson has been convinced to come out from under his bed, open his bedroom door and come downstairs for his din dins.

It was classic Rico, back on top of his form wantonly exuding embellishments, defensive and offensive all at once as he spoke on Red FM about his hissy fit last weekend." I'm still very disencouraged, if there is such a word," our rock solid anti-hero was heard to say.

Oh, I love it! He is the Dr. Bill of the eircom League, but we need him and his ilk. " I will never apologise for my passion," he said and you are spot on Rico. The league needs you and others like you. All snippy comments aside you are an asset to football in this country. You see the greater picture, you want the greater picture.

However, I must cite one of the Great Embellisher's more positive viewpoints on the improving standards of refereeing on our fair isle; " You don't see overweight referees anymore." The man is a tonic! He finally put his shovel away after declaring the League Cup to be, "a nothing competition."

Just a poke in the dark, but maybe it was Drogheda's simpering exit from the FAI Cup that lured him from his naughty place, back into his superhero costume ready to protect the good football loving citizens who dwell in the peaceful god fearing hamlet of Cork City.

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