Saturday, June 17, 2006

eircom League - Return To Sanity

After 3 weeks of scratching around for a fix the eircom League finally returns this week. The interminable boredom of Rooney's metatarsal was almost worth it when T&T almost gifted Irish footie fans the greatest of compensations when they scared the sh1t out of our colonial overlords.

The drudge that has passed for the opening stages of the World Cup has made me yearn even more for my beloved league, and in a classic case of man shoots foot I'm going on a two week holiday this Friday. I still can't figure out how I agreed to it.

As I scanned the fixtures to see which ground I'd grace with my presence [before the full impact of my ridiculous error had penetrated] my eyes locked on to the Cork City V Drogheda United game. Nice one thinks me, few beers, chinese or maybe pizza for a change, sit back and listen to Reverend Pat [thankfully he's not gone to Galway] and Father Felix. Gadzooks it's not on live, no live games until August!

What a waste. The Cork / Drogs opera has been a feast for us eL watchers this season. All the ingredients are there in perfect quantity. The Cork boys are on the back foot, their bubble of perceived invincibility has been unceremoniously pricked; el Rico has turned his muscular tongue on the usurpers in black and the frail citizens of the 31 counties. We had it coming anyway, our own fault for doubting the unparalleled abilities of his miniscule squad. His charges then squatted over Dublin City and showed the doubters their true quality.

So they should be fit and feisty when the Drogs of War attack the Rebel stronghold this week. It will be their 5th meeting this season, Setanta Cup included, and the closest we've come to keeping all 22 on the field was the aforementioned Final. But just to show that there was still ill feeling between new enemies, Danny Murphy introduced Keith Fahey [I think] to a traditional cockney handshake at the end of the game. OK, it was after the final whistle but it's still classed as one of the 6 dismissals in games between the sides this season.

Danny Boy, Roy Boy, and Stephen Bradley will be the ones to watch - the vanguard of the Red Brigade, and the armour clad official is sure to be checking the spelling of those three names before the pleasantries begin. And guess who the got the juiciest job in blackdom, no I can't wait for you to guess; I have to tell you it's IAN STOKES! YES!

No doubt himself el Rico and Doolo will crack open a bottle of CCFC's finest bubbly [the cup final surplus] apres match, and have each other in stitches as they replay the game and games of yesteryear. Oh yes, there will be much jesting and jocularity at Turner's Cross this Friday, but this plonker will be on a plane to Bulgaria. Does anyone know if you can get eircom League Weekly there?

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